28 Days of Drawing

New season starts soon

Improve your drawing skill by drawing every day and posting to our group's website.

This group operates on 28-day "seasons". If you finish all 28 days, you have completed the season. You can choose to continue on to the next season if you wish!

Sign up

Email lyndon@lyndonfroese.com and I will add you to our group.


4 weeks.


  1. Draw an apple
  2. Draw a horsey
  3. Draw a shark
  4. Draw a boat
  5. Draw a nice tree
  6. Draw a little squirrel
  7. Draw a campfire
  8. Draw the room you are in now
  9. Draw a fast car
  10. Draw a flying birdie
  11. Draw a gal fixing her car
  12. Draw a feller flipping pancakes
  13. Draw something from your pantry
  14. Draw a grumpy worm
  15. Draw a flower
  16. Draw a fire-breathing dragon
  17. Draw an under-water city
  18. Draw a lunar dweller
  19. Draw a forest
  20. Draw some delicious pasta
  21. Draw cool sunglasses
  22. Draw a mushroom or two
  23. Draw the solar system
  24. Draw the six simple machines
  25. Draw a map of a village
  26. Draw a tiger
  27. Draw a deck of cards
  28. Draw the Mona Lisa


You are allowed to miss three days and still be in the group. On your fourth strike, you will be automatically removed from the group :(

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