Knot Tying

Starts Sunday Sept 22

You are invited to be part of our knot tying cohort! We will learn five of the most important knots in five weeks by practicing every day. You are allowed to miss ten practices out of the five weeks.

We will practice individually on our own time and post evidence of our daily practices to the group website. It only takes two minutes per day to practice.

This is the beginner program where we master a useful knot in these essential categories:

  • Termination knots (we learn the Figure Eight)
  • Binding knots (we learn the Square Knot)
  • Bends (we learn the Sheet Bend)
  • Hitches (we learn the Clove Hitch)
  • Loops (we learn the Bowline)

If you already know these knots, please consider signing up for Advanced Knot Tying.

Either way, join us in finally learning this essential skill.

Sign up

Email and I will add you to our group.


Get yourself a cord to practice knot tying with. Even 12 inches long will be fine. One time, I accidentally asked for a 12-foot sub at Subway, which has nothing to do with this knot tying group but it was funny.

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