Advanced Knot Tying

Starts Sunday Sept 22

This is our more advanced knot tying group, but anyone can join. If knots intimidate you, consider our introductory course.

In this group, we will practice individually on our own time and post evidence of our daily practices to the group website. It only takes five minutes per day to practice.

Exact knots we will cover will be announced soon (I have to whittle down the list here to the most important ones), but the plan is to cover:

  • whippings (so that your cord won't fray and also so you can wrap the handle bars on your bike or steering wheel on your car to look cool)
  • lashing (how to attach sticks into an A-frame or X formation to use in temporary construction, or attaching your bicycle to a roof rack)
  • how to coil a rope properly for storage
  • hitches for pulling stuff, such as logs
  • constrictor knots (for snares or anything that you never ever want to come undone)

Join us in finally learning this essential skill.

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