Statistics and Probability 1

Group in progress, but sign up for the next round.

Join our stats group and finally learn what a standard deviation is. Basic stats will give you a new way of understanding the world and a way to predict what's going to happen next.

We'll be going through the first seven units in Khan Academy's stats course.

Everyone will work independently, going through the weekly online course material, take the weekly quiz and post results to the group website.

Sign up

Email and I will add you to our group.

Time commitment

1 - 4 hours per week


7 weeks.


  1. Analyzing categorical data
  2. Comparing quantitative data
  3. Summarizing quantitative data
  4. Modeling data distributions
  5. Exploring bivariate numerical data
  6. Study design
  7. Probability


If you fail to complete an assignment on time, you will be automatically removed from our group :( But it's only one thing per week you need to sit down and do.

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